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Membership Update

We would like to thank everyone for their patience these past couple of weeks as we tried to work with the town restrictions as it pertained to opening the golf course for play. There are a lot of factors that we have been considering including general public safety as well as the safety and protection to our golf and maintenance staff. As of yesterday morning we were set and ready to announce our opening date this Wednesday but the Governor “beat us to the punch!” Now that all non-essential businesses are closed, we are unable to follow through with our intended opening date. The good news is that it’s still only March and although it seems like mid spring, we are still on track to open at what is considered the average normal time, (early April). Hopefully, our current “situation: will ease as we get closer to our April 7th relief of the restrictions on businesses.
As you all know, our current membership guidelines for joining and receiving discounts for sponsoring new members as well as the full payment incentive of golf passes was scheduled to expire on April 1st. With the new restrictions we cannot occupy and conduct business at the golf club and with the delay in opening, we will be extending our membership incentive deadline to April 8th or whenever the course opens officially for the season. Of course if the circumstances change for the better, we will adjust our opening date to the earliest available to us in order to get the season started. We will update you with any changes to our current situation but rest assured we will open at the earliest date possible.
Until our opening of the course we wish you and your family a safe and healthy spring. So swing in your back yards, putt on your carpets and keep your bodies moving while we are restricted. This too shall pass and life and golf will return. We might as well be ready when it happens!!

All the best!
Ledges Golf Club and IGM Management

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