Welcome to Ledges Golf Club!

New Golf Course update

Welcome to Ledges Golf Club!

 The Ledges is open with tee times and golf carts available for all players. (One rider per cart unless residing in the same household.) We now have limited access to our club restroom with specific guidelines.  YOU MUST HAVE A MASK TO ENTER  So bring one with you or you will not be able to access this important area!

We currently do not have food or beverage service and are not able to supply water coolers on the course so please come prepared. We are currently getting ready to get this important area of concern up and running with our current guidelines in place. (Players are responsible for taking all of their trash etc back home with them as trash receptacles are not available at the current time. ( This includes golf carts. please take your trash for the safety of our staff)

Payments may be done online or in person at check in by calling us from your car before proceeding to the tee area. (cash is not accepted!)

Thank you!

The following are some of the guidelines we all need to follow;

1. Carts are now available!!

2. Tee times must be made in advance. Admittance to the course property for those on the tee sheet only. "walk ins" will not be allowed.

3. Trash services are not available (all trash brought into the club property must be taken when you leave)

4. No Alcoholic beverages allowed on the property.

5. Arrive no 15 minutes prior to your tee time.

6. Pay by calling (413) 532-2307 when you arrive at the parking lot. Pay then proceed to the tee area to play. (a starter will assist)

7. We encourage masks at all times

8. All practice areas are closed. including the range and putting green areas

9. Groups will be paired up to help with the loss of unused tee times.

10. The entire building will be closed to the public. This includes the restrooms. ( make appropriate adjustments please)

11. Above all please do not come to play if you are or have been sick in any way!

12. Caller volume will be increased so we encourage use of our website tee time engine to book your tee times. ( we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience while we go through this difficult time)

13. Score cards and pencils will not be available,(see website Ledgesgc.com for a card)

14, Please do your best to stay within the social distancing guidelines

15. Once your round is completed, please head to your cars and exit. (have a good day!)

Thank you!

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